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Counseling for Individuals

My clients are often women who are struggling to keep up with the many demands on their time and energy. Some are struggling with a relational issue, looking for a fresh perspective and strategies to cope and thrive. Others have grown exhausted due to a lack of self-care, anxiety, or the strain of pushing hard to live up to the responsibilities of life and know something has to change. 

Many of my clients are young adults launching into their independent lives. They are often looking to grow in confidence in their work and connect meaningfully with others. They want guidance on how to build a healthy life. Others have struggled with anxiety or issues from their upbringing they'd like to resolve.

When I have met with men, they are often surprised of how helpful it is to have someone to talk to and support their efforts.

If this sounds like you, let's connect! Together we can restore hope and balance to your life.

Specific areas of focus:

Anxiety & Stress

Life Balance & Boundaries

Insecurity & Self-Esteem

Grief & Loss



Shame Resilience

Value Clarification & Character Development


Integration of Counseling & Christian Faith

Women's Issues

Individual session rate: $135/55min. session

Can't get away? Virtual session available.

Premarital Counseling & Marriage Mentoring

I offer preparation for marriage and am certified as a PrepareEnrich  and SYMBUS facilitator. Both programs generally require 4-6 sessions and are based on  a couples assessment ($35/couple).

-Rate is $600 for 5 - 55 minute sessions.

-Additional sessions can be added at the individual counseling rate of $135.

These programs may also benefit seriously dating and/or newly married couples looking to grow in their relationship.

If you are married and have begun to feel less connected due to the demands of life, you may benefit from marriage mentoring. This is not intended for couples in crisis. Through mentoring, you can take the a step in prioritizing your relationship and reigniting the intimacy in your marriage.

Session rate: $135/55min. session

Can't get away? Virtual session available.

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Support for Parents

If you have felt like others don't understand what you and your family are going through, are struggling to embrace the reality of a child who has complicated issues, or feel like you are always waiting for the "other shoe to drop", you may benefit from the support of an understanding ear.

I offer you the care you so generously give to others during your challenging times.

Individual session rate: $135/55min. session

Can't get away? Virtual session available.