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1403 Silver Lake RD NW Suite 2

New Brighton, MN 55112



From the West: Take 694 East to Silver Lake Road

From the East: Take 694 West to Silver Lake Road

From the North: Take 35W South to 694 West to Silver Lake RD

From the South: Take 35W North to 694 West to Silver Lake RD


Exit off of 694 onto Silver Lake Road.  Go north on Silver Lake Road for two blocks. Our office is on the northeast corner of Silver Lake Road and 14th St. NW.


From the south side of the building, go through the middle door (1403). Go up the small flight of stairs and you'll be right at our waiting room: Suite 2. Just look for the "Wellspring Group" signs to help guide you.  There is also an accessible entrance on the north or back side of the building. If you use this entrance, take a quick right around the hallway to find my office.



Aspire: to direct one's hopes, dreams, and/or ambitions toward achieving something of great or high value.


Wellness: an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life that includes physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being.


Counseling Services: from the Positive Psychology perspective, counseling is more than the treatment of suffering, it is also about the development of strengths with the goal of human flourishing.


Mission of Aspire Wellness Services: to help you flourish in life and relationships by increasing acceptance of self, restoring balance in your life, and improving the quality of your relationships. To help you connect with others more efficiently and have the energy for what matters most in your life. 


Questions? Set up your complimentary consultation and bring along any questions you may have about me and the counseling relationship.

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