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You Don't Have to be Perfect to be Amazing

7 suggestions on how to get off the perfectionism treadmill

You Don't Have to be Perfect to be Amazing...This quote caught my attention one day and I began to wonder, do I believe it? I do agree, yet often behave as if I don’t. I catch myself trying to be so many things for so many people: upbeat and cheerful friend, ultra-productive employee, attractive spouse,  supportive mom, helpful daughter. My list can go on and on. Maybe you are on the perfectionism treadmill too.

Some common signs you may be struggling with perfectionism:

  1. Expect to finish tasks quickly without making mistakes

  2. Get down on yourself when things don’t come easily

  3. See mistakes as failure rather than an opportunity to learn

  4. Feel jealous of the success of others, as if there isn’t enough success to go around

The perfectionism treadmill is exhausting! Don’t you want to jump off or at the very least slow it down and catch your breath? There’s hope for us!

Ways to get off the treadmill of perfectionism:

  1. Reframe a threat into a challenge by giving yourself permission to take your time and figure things out

  2. Ask for help and increase in your willingness to learn from others

  3. Try on the “becoming” role…allowing yourself space to develop over time

  4. Compare yourself to where you’ve been rather than measuring yourself against others to judge your progress

  5. Find inspiration in the success of others by believing there is enough success to go around

  6. Take others off your perfectionism treadmill and allow them space to grow and be themselves

The reality is I am making progress. I encourage you to give it a try. You may find yourself with a little more energy for what really matters – a more healthy you and time for those you love!

Want to learn more?

Watch “Cultivating Resilience ” TedTalk by Dr. Gregory Eells. 

Read the article in Psychology Today-  The Unsettling Truth About What’s Hurting Today’s Students

Get help by setting up a free consultation to see if counseling is the best next step for you. 

By Pamela Zaffke, M.A., LPCC


Growth mindset info Retrieved from Resilient Student Handout by Dr. Gregory Eells, 11-29- 2017/Paperclip Communications at 

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